Computer Diagnosis
Common problems that a diagnosis detects
Old software and drivers that slow down the computer

Computers get slower and slower over time. This inevitably happens. Over the years, programs are repeatedly installed that you no longer need, and over time you just forget that they are still installed. However, all of these programs require memory, making the computer slower and slower.

Also, if many programs have been uninstalled, this can often lead to a shortage of drivers that were not correctly removed by the programs when uninstalling. All these unused drivers are also loaded into the memory when the system is started and slow down the computer.

Data Back-up

There are situations where the technician discovers that the computer’s existing hard drive has a physical defect. This can happen, for example, if the hard drive has been hit, has been subject to magnetic interference, or simply has age-related wear and tear. In any case, however, prompt action is needed to save the existing data. Our technicians always have an external hard drive with them, with which a fast data backup can be carried out on request. Of course, the replacement of the existing hard drive is required here, but, of course, the new hard drive arrives without any data. In this case, a complete reinstallation of the operating system is required. With the help of the technician’s external hard disk and a previous backup of the old hard disk, the data can then be copied back to the new hard disk.

Removal Of Virus And Malware
Viruses and malware pose a major risk to computers, smartphones and tablets. These malicious programs usually reach the devices through downloads, emails, and visits to unreliable websites.