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Due to the latest console and small-size desktop, the PC gaming industry has been quite fond of. Since many people like to play PC games using Q, they have to secure their PC. During gaming, many harmful viruses occur in their PC, and due to which their computer hangs out and playing them in the game Some problems start to arise and access to free computer games from your system through these viruses if your computer has any technical issue contact Alienware computer tech support phone number for help. The experts present at Alienware computer tech support number always available for help you.

Alienware Alpha is the newly introduced PC Gaming Console which provides a console and desktop PC. Amazing technical specs and improved gaming CPU capabilities have been included in the device to convert your living room into a full-blown gaming area. The device is nothing more than a simple, small, black box in its presence, but its capabilities are beyond traditional gaming boundaries. Gaming gadget allows its users to enjoy the latest games, which comes with your initial purchase and almost everything in your Steam Library. Get instant help for every technical issue contact Alienware tech support phone number. Professional Skilled expert team of Alienware tech support number gives you the best solution for your problems.

Some Technical Problem Solve With The Help Of Alienware Computer Tech Support Phone Number

Problem 1: Device not loaded in headphones

It is important to consider that the manufacturer is promoting this gadget as a mouse-free device, but you will need the mouse and keyboard for the following troubleshooting you can also get the help from Alienware computer tech support phone number.

  • Hold down the ‘F2’ key on your keyboard.
  • Find hard drive details next to ‘Fixed HDD’ section.
  • Using the arrow keys, go to the ‘Boot’ tab and select your OS as ‘Windows 8 / 8.1’.
  • Make sure settings according to the following standards:
  • Safe boot: [disabled]
  • Heritage Options Rome: [Disabled]
  • Boot list option: [UEFI]
  • Now, when the Alpha way logo screen appears, restart your alpha and run the hard drive diagnostics by pressing the ‘F12’ key.
  • To select the ‘Diagnostics’ option on the ‘Boot’ menu, use the arrow keys, and press Enter.
  • Wait until Diagnostics starts automatically
  • Now, press the ‘Esc’ key to test the hard drive listed on the left and try to access your device in ‘safe mode’.If you are able to access safe mode, clean boot. Otherwise, you can try your factory software using Alien Response. If any confusion is in your mind contact Alienware computer tech support phone number team.

Problem 2: alpha UI (UI) is not loading

Alpha is being promoted as a mouse-free device, but you’ll need the mouse and keyboard to do the following troubleshooting, you get also help from Alienware computer tech support phone number also.

  • Turn on your alpha and login windows
  • Right-click on the lower left a corner of the screen and then click on the ‘Programs and Features’ option. Find the ‘alpha UI’ entry in the list and click it.
  • Select ‘Uninstall’ option.
  • Follow the instructions to uninstall ALPHA UI
  • Now, download the new alpha UI from the official Alienware website and install it again.
  • If you have any confusion contact Alienware computer tech support phone number. The experts present at Alienware computer tech support number always available for help you.

Problem 3: Alpha is connected to the internet

First of all, review your network settings and make a sure network, wireless and wireless switches are in ‘enabled’ mode in your system, a user can also take help from Alienware computer tech support number.

  • Try switching to ‘safe mode with networking’ option to verify that the problem is causing the firewall or security software settings.
  • Check for software or Windows updates
  • To get better network coverage, adjust your wireless router, modem or access point again.
  • If anything does not help, then tweak your firewall or security software without interruption.

Problem 4: Alpha is unable to detect

  • Try to remove power strips or backups and connect the system directly to the wall outlet.
  • Disconnect AC adapter and keep a check on its illumination.
  • Now, plug the AC adapter into the power socket and try to turn on the system.
  • If this does not work, you will need contact support for other possible resolutions.
  • If you have any problem contact Alienware computer tech support number. The experts present at Alienware tech support number always available for help you.


The Alpha incorporates the best gaming CPU, but it may experience some performance flaws over time. If you love to play games and are a true fan of hardcore gaming, then you will surely love the Alpha experience. It is true that some cyber PC threats may be prevented. All in all, this gaming hardware has some new technologies and capabilities that the whole way in which world play games and computers can be transformed.

Alienware Tech Support Phone Number Gives Proper Solution For Your Problems

The rundown starts with Dell’s brand new G series tracks. The Company has established itself among the best track manufacturers, also it has set the tone in terms of minimum-bezel designs, if you face any problem Alienware tech support phone number experts always available for help you. Now, Dell is highlighting the gambling market having a 24-inch 1080p screen with 144Hz refresh speed and a 27-inch 1440p 155Hz display. It is promising a 1ms response time for each monitor, in addition, to support for AMD’s Free Sync.

These brand new tracks assemble on Dell’s young G Collection, which it Introduced earlier this season with a lineup of high-powered laptops which are winning some fans. But while people carry on to do, it’s now time for Alienware to update its gambling notebooks instead. There are some technical issues occurs in Alienware computer, But with the help of Alienware tech support phone number, you can easily solve your problems. So if you need help anytime contact Alienware tech support phone number 24/7 available for help you.

Alienware Tech Support Number Experts Always Available For Help You

However, you may add to a ton of extra characteristics and advanced parts to emphasize.  Both models hold up to 4K displays with the option for G Sync. Other spec choices comprise up to 32GB of memory, support for up To 3 storage drives, and also a CPU as successful as a 6-core Intel i9-8950HK. As for the video card, then you also can perform a Radeon RX 570, or even perhaps the GTX 1060, 1070, or even 1080 out of Nvidia. If user faces any problem after purchasing Alienware computer, don’t worry Alienware provides service to users via Alienware tech support number. The experts available at Alienware tech support number always ready to help you. Alienware tech support number experts give you the best solution for your problems.

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